Wash N' Dry

Wash N Dry supplies the South Shore with some truly amazing laundry services to get their clothes clean! Our innovative equipment and clean atmosphere will make washing your clothes less of a chore and more of a fun experience waiting for your cycles to finish.

Please see a list of our services below then come in and experience a tide of good feelings as you get your laundry the cleanest it’s ever been:

  • Self Service Laundry Services are Available at All Stores.
  • Drop-Off Laundry Services are Available at 4 Locations.
  • We Offer Giant-Sized and Standard-Sized Washers and Dryers for All Your Laundry Needs.
  • We Also Feature the New Monster Washer, An Industrial Strength Washing Machine that can Handle 125 Pounds of Clothing. (Hancock St. Location Only)
  • Every Shop is Stocked with Vending Machines that Sell Dryer Sheets, Bleach, Fabric Softener and Detergent.